Councillor - Darryl Skinner
Councillor - Darryl Skinner
Posted on 2015/11/17


Councillor Darryl Skinner




City Office:

1st term - 2015-2018


Boards and Committees:

Patricia Area Community Endeavours (PACE)
Dryden Non-Profit Housing Board
Common Voice Northwest - Transportation Task Force


Business and Professional History:

26 years in business management with most of my career in Northwestern Ontario and time out west in Saskatchewan as well as Southern Ontario.  Past Director of FF Chamber of Commerce and Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association.



Public and Community Service


Past Member Dryden Committee of Adjustments / Property Standards


Personal Background:

Born and raised in Thunder Bay.  Married 17 years to Cindy with three amazing children Tya, Jaden and Sha're. 


Hobbies and Interests:

Spending time with my family, camping, fishing, hunting and recently playing Dryden Old-Timers Hockey.