Meet the Staff


Douglas A. Palson - Chief of Police Uniforms
Ann G. Tkachyk - Inspector
Dale G. Engstrom - Sergeant
Scott M. Silver - Sergeant
Janet D. Kaus - Detective Sergeant
Travis J. Randell - Detective Constable
Robert J. Wright - Constable
Paul A. Howarth - Constable
Kevin D. Hildebrand - Constable
Allin M. Marcino - Constable
Denise M. Szachury - Constable
Jared H. Olsen - Constable
Janet G. Hartley - Constable
Terry F. Menard - Constable
Christopher J. NottR. Wrighte - Constable
Tina M. Bisignano - Constable
Max J. Rapine - Constable
Jon R. Allen - Constable
Bruce R. Watson - Constable
Christopher D. Lockwood - Constable
A. Marcino

C. Notte


Diana L. Couette - Executive Assistant 
Lesley  D. Norman - Police Secretary/CPIC 
Heather L. Hampton - Police Secretary/CPIC
Lisa A. Stanchuk - Special Constable
Cora R. MacRae - Special Constable

D. Palson   Randall . Szachury