Compost Bag Pick-up

Compost Bag Pick-up Program 

The City of Dryden Public Works Department picks up Brown Paper Compost Bags semi-annually (every spring and fall) to allow residents to discard their yard waste and advises there is no fee for this service.  The Compost Bag shall not contain dirt, gravel, rocks or wood chips with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms.  Pick-up is at curbside only. 

This year the Public Works Department will be conducting the Brown Paper Compost Bag pick ups on Monday May 15th and Tuesday May 23rd, 2017.  For the remainder of the year at no additional cost, these bags may be disposed of in the compost pile at the Hwy 502 Landfill Site.

The dates for pickup will be advertised in the Public Works Section of the City's website ( and in the Dryden Observer to allow residents time to prepare.  For more information please call the Public Works Department at (807) 223-2367.