LED Street Light Conversion Project Update
Led Street Light Conversion Project Update
Posted on 2017/08/08

LED Street Light Conversion Project Update



All the City of Dryden’s street lights except decorative fixtures are currently being converted from the yellow-orange colour of traditional HPS (High Pressure Sodium) street lights to the natural white light provided by Light Emitting Diode (LED).


LED Lights May Remain on During the Day at Some Stages in Installation

As the City and its contractors work to install new LED streetlights Citywide, you may notice that some lights remain on during the day or each new LED light may come on a few minutes apart. Energy costs for the lights are not metered but invoiced based on a set formula for each fixture’s expected usage.


Facts about the LED Street Light Conversion Project:

  • During Phase #1 work crews are converting 1170 cobra head street lights on all of Dryden’s residential, collector and arterial roads to LED luminaires from HPS luminaires.
  • Decorative Fixtures will be converted during Phase #2 of the conversion process. This work is not planned for 2017.
  • The project will begin today, June 19, 2017 and will continue until September.
  • The $650,000 project will be financed from Life Cycle Replacement and the Capital Reserve Fund. The City is eligible for a $130,000 incentive from Ontario Power Authority’s SaveOnEnergy Program.



    Energy Savings and Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • In 2016 the City of Dryden spent approximately $195,000 in energy costs and $50,000 in maintenance costs for street lighting. In addition, in 2016 Hydro One audited the City’s actual existing infrastructure inventory and costs were expected to increase significantly.


  • Cost Savings based on current billing are expected to be approximately $120,000/year. This would result in a payback period of just over 4 years.

  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs and the inconvenience to residents of streetlight outages.

  • The conversion to LED street lights is estimated to reduce the carbon footprint by saving 69 per cent in Energy Consumption.

  • The LED street lights have a life expectancy of 20 years and come with a 10 year warranty compared to the five-year life span of traditional street lights.

Better Visibility, Safer Streets

    • LED street lights reduce the amount of light pollution. They are compliant with the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) in terms of being dark-sky friendly by reducing sky glow.

    • The white light of LED provides a safer light source with better visibility to both pedestrians and motorists.

    • LED offers better clarity and an improvement in the ability to identify colours at night.


How will Street Lights be replaced?

Work is being completed by Lough Electric, a local electrical contractor with experience working on neighbouring municipalities’ projects and the City of Dryden Streetlight maintenance contract.

Lough Electric will have 2 crews working on this replacement project. One crew will be working on Arterial Roadways with the second crew working on residential streets in the vicinity. Work is expected to begin along Highway #17.


For more information on the LED Street Light Conversion Project contact Public Works at 1-807- 223-2367 or at